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Santa Cecilia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Ernesto Rodriguez

Tel: (506) 8824-2682

Mark Deering

Tel: (314) 800-7551

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We offer a number of Ecotours throughout the year, and can customize tours specifically for your group as well.  We would love to have you join us, it's easy!  Just contact us for details.  We have a minimum of 5 guests needed for particular dates to ensure the best rates.

We pride ourselves in showing our guests

the real Costa Rica.

Discover Rio Celeste, a light blue volcanic river surrounded by lush mountain rainforest.

Experience the Butterfly Farm where it all started:  El Bosque Nuevo.

Volcan Orosi harbors some incredible wildlife, lets experience it at night!

A day spent snorkeling in the Pacific ocean reveals a rich diversity of marine life.  Fun all day and a terrific sunset!

Rincon de La Vieja is surrounded by fumaroles, mud pits, boiling springs and other volcanic marvels.

The dry coastal forests of Volcan Miravalles hide an increadible secret river.  Experience all of Rio Perdido's relaxing hot water wonders.


Day 1


Day 8

We are a part of El Bosque Nuevo, a conservation based Butterfly Farm and research station in Guancaste.

Timothy Miller

"Absolutely breathtaking views, and great amenities."

Ellen Oneill

"Its in pretty secluded place so there is a lot of wildlife."

Bianca Parker

"The people is to nice and the tours are awesome."

Our guests impressions

Discover and preserve Costa Rica

Oceans, mountains, volcanoes, rain forests and more, Costa Rica is a rich in animal, plants and fun!  We design and lead custom tours in this gorgeous country, allowing our guests to see the real wildlife, scenery and sites that we love.

We are commited to conserving the habitats of Costa Rica. Our profits go to build a protected reserve.  We partner with numerous groups, universities and organizations to achieve this goal.

El Bosque Nuevo is a conservation based Butterfly Farm and research station in Guanacaste.  Our organization is dedicated to the protection of Costa Rican natural wonders, and our profits go towards building a 10,000 hectare reserve.


8 days of

Oceans, Mountains, Volcanoes, Rain forests

and more...


Upcoming date

October 2 to 9, 2016

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